Laundry Soap Nuts 1Kg or 500g bags

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100% original quality with the highest saponin content!

The nuts has a high saponin content and for that reason they can be a bit sticky. That's natural thing.

Indian nuts for washing are an alternative to chemical detergents, nuts come from India and Nepal, where for many years been used as a natural detergent. They grow on 15-meter high trees Sapindus mukorossi.

This nut shells contain saponin, a natural detergent which has cleaning and degreasing properties. Nuts after breaking of a tree got split up and agent is removed, then they are drying until a dark color.

Nut shells after contact with water releasing saponin, natural form foam which wash without the addition of any chemicals!

Nuts are 100% safe, they don't cause allergic reactions and are environmentally friendly. They can be used many time for washing (temp. 30 degrees - 4 times, temp. 40 degrees - 3 times, temp. 60 degress - 1 or 2 times and once at a temperature of 90 degrees) which makes them an inexpensive alternative to chemical cleaning agents. 3-6 shells are enough for one washing! Natural saponins don't dissolve dyes in fabrics, so you can mix colours without fear of discolouration. To test the nuts washing capability just rub them with wet finger, if they're continue to foam, it means that they still contain saponin.